more Newbery Medal winners.

February 14, 2009 at 1:13 pm (books, cats) (, , )

So I’ve added two  Newbery  winners to my  list.

I read Hitty  Her  first 100 years by Rachel Fields.  Technically,  a  reread for  me , because I  read  it as  a child.  I remembered it as I  read  it, but not  until  I  read it. It shows  it age, but it was very readable.  Mostly  I thought it was interesting because  it was written as a historical  novel.  So we  have the history , plus the history of 1928 attitudes.  All in all I  think adults would enjoy it more than kids.

I also read The Cat who went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth. It reads like a fairytale/myth sort of book. It is the story  of an artist who is commissioned to do a  painting for a Buddisht temple  and his  cat. Compassion is big part of  the story.   If  I read it as a kid , I  would have loved it.  It was  my kind of story.  As an adult, some parts of  it were a bit repetitious.

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