Of hummingbirds and bees

February 18, 2009 at 5:14 pm (domestic life, garden) (, )

Today was clean the gutter day. come on, I can hear cheering in the back ground. All together “wheeeee”. Ignore all boos out there.

It was gross. and dirty. But there was a reward. no, not clean gutters. In our side yard , where I have planted lavender, rosemary, Mexican sage ,and a butterfly bush , I finally saw a hummingbird. One called Anna’s Hummingbirds. I said I want bee,s ( CA has mostly solitary bees in this area) , butterflies, and hummingbirds. But I admit it , I’ve been waiting for the hummingbirds to come. Happy day!.

Note: after touching gutter slime , moisturizes. I think it stripped all of the oil out of my hands.


  1. DM said,

    Nice reward! We have only one species of Hummers, the Ruby Throated in coastal SC. They come in March and stay until late fall. We have two feeder for them, plus the flower garden that I planted for them and the butterflies. Also a bottle brush tree . I love watching the hummingbirds, they hit the flower first and then the feeders. By mid summer the feeder are like a war zone of fighter pilots.
    We have very few Honey bees. Mostly the big bumble bee. The Tomato Farmers have to rent bee’s.
    You are a better women then I, to clean our gutters.

  2. Kari said,

    I’m looking to get new gutters (mine have holes where they’re not supposed to be). The new ones will have leaf guards.

  3. egb63 said,

    DH was the real hero. He was on the ladder. I was on the ground being the fetcher and leaner.

  4. DM said,

    Fetcher and leaning is good! Leaf Guards are better!

  5. jb said,

    Ooooo, gutter debris is probably great for the compost. All that pre-composted slimy muck…

    One nice thing about the lack of trees in our area is the lack of gutter cleaning that has to be done!

  6. Lindy said,

    Oh, I love it!!  I love hummingbirds and hummingbird feeders
    The bees will come soon enough!  I think it’s a tad cold still to see too
    many bees, yet.  I planted for hummingbirds and got the bees and
    butterflies.  Lucky us!!  … And thanks for the reminder, I guess I
    should check my gutters, too.  Bleh, …

  7. DH said,

    Gutter guards are good.

    New roof, however, trumps that….the shakes are not in great condition, so that’s the next giant expense.

  8. egb63 said,


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