thrift stores

February 21, 2009 at 10:13 pm (domestic life, fun) ()

I am not good at thrift store shopping. I have a hard time seeing what might be useful. But I like looking anyway. I went to a local thrift store with a friend today. So Glad. She came by while DH was working in the garage — she saw the wood and other stuff that was everywhere. while we  were out, she  spotted this old white display piece for sale at the thrift store. It obviously held something like dowel rods or other tall narrow things that had to be sorted by size. It is really going to be for sorting wood and some other items in the garage. And it is on wheels. It is rather battered and ugly, but solid. the dividers could be removed, but it actually looks like it will be very useful as is. Price: 5.40. If you have eyes, thrift store shopping can be worth it. Thanks, J!



  1. daniebob said,

    Definitely! I visit the thrift store behind my house at least once a month. I found some cool stuff for decorating my living room and safari themed bedroom!

  2. egb63 said,

    In general, I am the anti-thrifter , thrift stores start to make me think if the things I need to get rid of

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