The Plan

April 3, 2009 at 4:19 pm (domestic life, garden) ()

So I took the last week off – partly because I was tired of going to work and partly to begin the major change in my front garden. When we bought this house the gardens were just on the edge of over grown. Established plants that were just a bit big for the space. And most of the year an unrelenting green. Some white blossoms in the spring. That’s it. And a lot of work to keep thing under control. My idea is first of all — smaller plants. Second – Limited plants that need to be watered after the first year. ( not a complete xeriscape — I want some roses) Third – something that a single person with asthma can handle. I want to be able to miss a week outside without feeling like it will take 3 weeks to catch up. Eventually I want the whole yard to be that way. The last two days have been very windy ;very bad for allergies. Staying inside would have been better — but I had a goal. Almost there….

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