power outage

April 15, 2009 at 3:27 pm (domestic life, food, fun, library, library tech, tech)

So the power went out for awhile.   I don’t know why, it is rare  around  here.  There was a horrible grinding  noise and gone.  It is possible that it was just going to be  a short one, but I was impatient.  I  had planes – that all involved electricity.  I couldn’t do them.  So I decided to  to look at the wireless options in town.  First —  the library.  You  need a  library  card — and I had to find a part of the library where it would connect.  But once connected it was easy.  And there are no  time limits once  you  were on. And the library  was pretty  quiet, even  if the guy sitting behind  me had the plague.  There were plenty of places to  plug in the computer so — not  bad.  It did a get a bit slow, but that just meant tv watching had glitches.

After  the library – Panerea. Quick – easy  on , plus lunch  not bad.   Suggested time limits if crowded , but I  don’t  know if it is enforced in any way.   It  got really noisy, so I  didn’t stay  long.  It was  very fast.  I  probably would have stayed longer , but there were only  breakfast pastries — and I wanted something like an eclair ,  or a napoleon .

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  1. Peter said,

    Life gets tough sometimes

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