Today’s ice cream

April 26, 2009 at 7:14 pm (domestic life, food, fun) ()

Today’s ice cream recipe — sort of :

See three bananas that are looking somewhat over ripe. Mash them, squirt them with a little lemon juice ( tablespoon? ) , sprinkle with brown sugar ( 1/4 cup? ) , add some dark rum ( 2 TBSP? ), and dash a little cinnamon over the top. Remash so everything is close to smooth. Add enough half and half to equal about 4 cups of stuff. Leave in the refrigerator while you are waiting for the ice cream maker to freeze. ( if you didn’t leave your bowl out of the freezer — you do you need the pre-ice cream to be cold — it freezes more evenly that way.) Freeze acc’ding to the manufacturer’s direction. Move to a container and let it get hard in the freezer. Eat. YUM. A little larger crystals than in most ice creams , but that is because of the low sugar content. I can deal. I might amp up the rum and cinnamon.

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  1. Matt H said,

    It is truly yum

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