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April 29, 2009 at 11:30 am (diabetes, food) (, , , , )

I really enjoy food. I like cooking it, I like eating it, and recently, i even like growing it. But I really don’t like obsessing over it. But I have diabetes, so I have a lot of choice in the matter. A few weeks ago I wrote about avoiding HFCS and trans fats. Which I have done. However I did buy two products that have one of the offending ingredients. one was Fiber One Toaster pastries , the other is the high fiber version of Quaker chewy granola bars. ( 5 and 9 grams of fiber). if you count carbs, you can subtract one gram of carb for ever gram of fiber. That’s one of those things that makes fruit good, but fruit juice not so good. Fiber is good for you , not just in cleaning out you system, not just in making you feel full, but also — it moderates the flow of carbohydrates into your system. Less up and downs, less sleepy, less cravings.

My definition of junk food is highly processed food. Brownies from home are better than brownies from a store because you do some modifications and control ( and give half away if need be). So the two things I bought — junk food. They won’t be standard fare. But with the fruit toaster pastries , I can eat one and stop ( that never happened with pop tarts) . ( the chocolate ones are another story…) And that granola bar after lunch — kept me away from the cookies on the lunch table. I really was too full to eat more.

So why write about this? Michael Pollen was on NPR this am . I actually believe that what he says makes sense and is true. So I was feeling guilty. ( Which I believe is never a good thing about food). So I just had to remind my self that sometimes the practical has to win over the ideal.

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