good doctor visit

May 4, 2009 at 12:24 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes) ()

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, it was fairly easy to maintain good control . It was caught early, and my numbers weren’t too bad. But it gets boring, thinking about everything you eat, taking all medications , and making sure you get enough exercises. And then add asthma. Which means paying attention to things like allergies, and more meds. And add real life — stressful job situations, sick pets, basic life stress. This last year, not so good for diabetes management. Today I went back for a three month check up. Happily , my Ha1c is down. Not where it should be, but better. Plus I lost some weight — that always helps with sugar control. And I was just a little better. No where as good as I could be, but the results should be motivating


  1. jb said,

    Small improvements are better than none and LOTS better than going in the other direction.

    I still want to know when we’re going back to the Bay View Cafe. Umm, more mushrooms please!

  2. egb63 said,

    Well, the weight loss was big — but I’m not sure I believe it because it wasn’t on the usual scale.

    and I need to cook mushrooms like that….mmmm.

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