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Sometimes, I don’t love Carl Hiaasen. His books are usually fun, but sometimes the humor is crude. And some of the characters, not so smart. However, his kid books are just enough different. The humor isn’t as crude. And often , the kids are very smart. And seeing kids get all gung ho and doing something sort of wrong , just because it is right – works.
In Flush Noah and Abbey’s father is in jail, because he sunk a casino boat. Dad sunk the boat because the boat owner was dumping sewage into the bay, hurting both the wildlife and the people. Now , Dad is enthusiastic, but this time it looks like he has gone to far. And so far , it looks like he might have been wrong…or was he?

Hoot ( a newbery honor book) still might be my favorite kid’s book by Hiaasen,( yes it is about owls) but I have Scat sitting on my desk.


  1. Kari said,

    I like Carl Hiaasen, but I haven’t read his kids books. I always like his choice of words – just slightly bent from what people usually mean.

  2. egb63 said,

    Part of the fun of the kid books is that kids are looking at some of his crazy, less-than-brilliant adults and just going ‘huh’,

  3. gbhatti said,

    i really liked the first chapter it really drew me in

    • gbhatti said,

      when noah tells everyone that dusty muleman was dumping the holding tank in the basin i thought it was pretty funny and its weird that noahs dad wants to stay in jail

      • egb63 said,

        I have no people that felt the best way to prove their point was to stay in a place that wasn’t so good to be in.

  4. gbhatti said,

    cchapter two was amazing couldnt stop reading until ch. 5

  5. gbhatti said,

    so in all chapters noah is trying to keep his dad out of dangerous situatuations like going back to jail. so he tries to get dusty red-handed by him self. so he thinks of a plan of making a trail by flushing it down dustys casino boat bathroom and makes and it makes a trail to thunder beach.

    • egb63 said,

      It seems to be one of the things that happens in CH’s book for kids. Someone has to use their brain to take care of the problem — and it is a kid. In this story Dad is so passionate about this issue , that he can’t make a plan to find real evidence. But Noah who want to stop the criminal and be safe – comes up with a plan.

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