If only

May 6, 2009 at 9:25 pm (dream, music)

A billion and three years ago I played the flute. Now, I ‘m not saying I ever had musical talent , but if only I had known how t make the flute do this, I might have never quit:

You know, one or two Times when I was practicing , I just touched how far you can push a flute. It just doesn’t have to be a dainty instrument


  1. DH said,

    As I recall, you get great tone out of bamboo flutes without even trying….

  2. Drew Dalzell said,

    I think it is very unfortunate that flute is often associated with what people hear out of a high school marching band. Same thing with clarinet. Both of them are such amazing instruments that just don’t get the respect they are due.

  3. egb63 said,

    Tone , yeah, I got the basics, but there are no notes left.

    Band and classical. That was pretty much all I heard before quitting. I didn’t hear Rassan Roland Kirk until after I quit. I think I was a jazz baby before I knew there was jazz.

    Of course, I’m still not sure knowing about other kinds of flute playing would have been enough– Music was taught with a strong streak of competitiveness , which made no sense to my brain. Getting better, good. Being better than everyone else, why?

    • DH said,

      But tone you have, with or without notes. Kind of amazing to me – you pick up the flute and there’s immediately tone. It took me years to get there with guitar, and you just, bang! do it on flute.

      • egb63 said,

        Wait … I did play for a few years.

  4. DM said,

    Another guilt trip.

    • egb63 said,

      only if you were the music teacher.

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