hit and miss gardening

June 16, 2009 at 9:38 pm (garden) ()

I sometimes just grab some clippers and head out the door, with no plan. I just start clipping . Here is a bit that shows what we are trying clear:
IMG_0018and here is what we are looking to achieve
Not bad, so far.


  1. Bonnie said,

    Who is growing in the barrel? It looks very neat.
    We have had so much rain here that everything is growing more then it did in recent years. We had a thunder storm last evening that gave us 1 1/4 inch in half an hour. This makes for very humid, hot days. We are very happy to have air conditioning.

  2. egb63 said,

    That is a dwarf myere lemon in the barrel. It has been cool and grey most of this month. Oddly confusing.

  3. Kari said,

    Do you want to come pull trumpet vines out of my yard. I’ve got a few others that need pulling. I’ve been actively pruning my shrubs. I clipped one camellia back all the way. It now has little leaf buds.

    A few cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. The broccoli is not producing. I think it’s the shade.

  4. egb63 said,

    hmmm… sounds like fun, but I have so much here

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