When it gets hot:

June 29, 2009 at 7:02 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, domestic life) (, )

Starting with the obvious: do what has to be done in the morning or evening– After noons are for not moving. close up the house by 10 — open it between 530 and 630.

Move the fans as needed. Ice foot baths and icey clothes from the freezer. don’t forget the ice cream.

Don’t be a martyr. Heat means spare the air days around here. Even a few hours in air conditioning can help you breathe. Malls, Libraries, and places like panera and Starbucks.

and there there are the all important Marriott points. One good night of sleep with air conditioning and a pool… could save a life.

Just for future refenece


  1. jb said,

    We don’t close/open up the house based on time, rather we watch the inside and outside temperatures. When the in = the out and the temps are rising we shut the house up. As the outside cools off, the whole place is opened up when the out = the in and the fans are put on full blast.

    Don’t forget that computers are a major source of heat.

    Other escape locations are movie theaters (though it costs more than a library or starbucks). And there’s also your sister’s house across the bay (assuming she is fogged in 😉 ).

    Oh and do not cook. Meals should be simple cold things like melon filled with cottage cheese. Or deli sandwiches.

  2. egb63 said,

    panera cooked for the last few days

  3. Uncle Bob said,

    Or turn on the a/c.

    • egb63 said,

      first you have to have AC. NOCal houses don’t often have AC — we don’t get lots of days over 95.

  4. Bonnie said,

    Lots of Iced Tea or coffee also helps. Turning on the a/c works the best. You might looked into doing that some day soon. We have had a sea breeze the last couple of days with lower humidity. The afternoons can get warmish.

  5. DH said,

    Perhaps when we do the roof, we’ll add A/C and move the furnace….

    • egb63 said,


      • Uncle Bob said,

        put the furnace and a/c on the roof … more living space 😉

  6. DH said,

    Uncle Bob is wise….that’s the plan!

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