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July 3, 2009 at 11:36 am (domestic life, tech, tv) ()

It is time again to think about the not quite rightness of the communication world. The local egroup has been sending out help — which company do you prefer / and the plaintive cry of why does this have to be so hard?

Comcast. DirectTv. At&t Uverse. DSL .

the first thing — they all want to bundle everything. Which in theory is good. Except I live in an area with unreliable cell phone service. So from a safety/communication thought — I prefer that all communications have some redundancy — and the easiest way is to split the carriers.

Second old customer/ new customer
New customers get good deals. Old customers do not. No one at my current co will do anything for my prices, unless I add a service. so I pay more

Impt of service. What the customer wants vs what is offered. I am staying with my current plan because I want the speed of internet that I get. Oddly, my co thinks tv might be very important to me. some how cable doesn’t under stand that I am a time shifter and I watch tv on my computer. Cable may go the way of all things if they don’t change the way they do things. There are somethings you can’t get on line — but commercail tv you can . and the 30 second ads every 15 min , way less annoying then an average commercial .Even as a TIVOer I can deal.
and then there are phone. My land line cost way more that it should. We’ve used skype for a bit now — and it seems pretty good — esp because the webcam is an option.

So I know what I need — a co that understands internet is first on my list — and then some extra reliability on phone( with some decent pricing) and then a flexible approach to tv.

But my neighbor might care more about tv than internet.

and someone else might have to deal with dollars first.

and a good co needs to learn to understand customer needs first . I think they can still come up with fair pricing structures, (if more chose 1 -3 options from column a 1 option from column b ,etc ). then we will have the more satisfaction. and maybe more target marketing opportunities.

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