5 houses up the road

July 5, 2009 at 7:11 pm (domestic life, garden, home improvement)

Up the street from us there used to be an old BBQ pit. Not used for a long time , and really, it was in the wrong place in the yard. And then there is our front yard, longing for a lovely brick patio. This leads to today where DH, our neighbor P, and I destroyed the BBQ pit. Neatly. So we can reuse all the brick in our patio. I know I picked up 400 bricks today. At least twice.
5 houses away seems like next door, unless you are moving bricks.
Picture 031


  1. egb63 said,

    I just dropped a brick on the scale.

    about 6 lbs each

  2. Matt said,

    That’s 4800 lbs of brick you moved if you moved 400 bricks 2x today.



  3. Bonnie said,

    great looking bricks. Muscle builders and hand destroyers, looks like fun

  4. egb63 said,

    I just moved the rest of the bricks out of my car. Not so sure I can move again.

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