July 23, 2009 at 9:52 pm (social networking, tech, web 2.0) (, )

I love my computer. I love my TIVO . Spell check lets me breathe. and the answering machine lets me laugh. But, if anything will drive me to drink , it is technology.

Dh took a tiny 15 second video on his phone. I wanted to put it here.

First I couldn’t play it on my computer — even converted. On my new computer — the video stuff is too old. We downloaded itunes — got something that worked. And then I tried to upload it here . Part of what I read said I needed a video upgrade. Part of what I read listed some media files I can upload. it was ambiguous. But I figured out , I needed an upgrade. Cool, I haven’t payed for anything here yet. But the price was more than I wanted to pay for 1 15 second video, esp. since who knows if I will ever do this again. So I put it up on my Youtube account. It said it was uploaded. So I clicked on my list of uploaded videos — and there it was….uploading. which is confusing, because it was uploaded.

I will birddog this problem until I figure it out. However, I am sure I will need more rum.

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