guess I am more of a gardener than I thought

July 29, 2009 at 1:07 pm (domestic life, garden) (, , , )

Sadly my vegetable garden fried. I got sick and didn’t water. and didn’t think to ask DH to do ( He had enough to do caring for me ) and , Even when I got better, I took a while to recover. Good bye garden. Except today — I seem to have acquired tomato, pepper, basil, and parsley plants. I have to try again.


  1. Bonnie said,

    We had one lone tomato plant that grew from the compost. It has had a few very small tomatoes. The early one were very good, there was a very red one yesterday, so I picked it and ate it. oh!!!! It had very tuff skin and we live where the average temp. is 89 so it tasted as if it had been cooked. Fresh Cooked tomato off the vine.

  2. egb63 said,


    I’ve decided that the definition of gardener is related a lot more to the time you are willing to spend then actual success.

  3. Bonnie said,

    That’s what is great about gardening, it is never finished. If something doesn’t work pull it out, move it else where or give it to some one else and put in something else in that spot. Some time you give up on it all, and one walk through the yard and you are hooked again.

  4. egb63 said,

    Well, I thought I had given up on the veggie garden , but Target was selling mature plants for 1.99….

  5. Bonnie said,

    See, there you go, hooked again.

  6. Kari said,

    Of course, neither of you have a dog that steals baby eggplant off the plant. Lulu has been very proud of her treasure.

    Tomatoes have been very, very good. Unbelievably red, juicy, and sweet. They make great BLTs or BTAs.

    Compost isn’t generating quite enough heat to kill off the potato parts. I think it needs more greens, but the lawn hasn’t grown much with the heat and lack of rain.

    • egb63 said,

      Good girl, eating her veggies

  7. egb63 said,

    My compost is very passive. It is hard to keep things wet enough here to really keep things going . Things break down, just more slowly .

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