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by  rumor is  supposed to  be  no  cats  on  the internet day.  But  we all know  that cats  invented the internet as their  personal  PR  machine. In  the  spirit  of –well it is tomorrow  elsewhere , but not yet tomorrow  here….Andy  Cat.   On a guitar, another place  he  shouldn’t  be.


But he doesn’t  look  concerned,  does  he?

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betrayedThis is the Second book the House of the Night Novel. yes, this is a vampire teen novel. I loved the first one in the series, Marked. This on e was harder to read. First of all, it looks like a lot of the characters in the first novel, not so nice in the second novel. Second, something horrible happens to one of my favorite characters. Third , Zoey does a few things that make me want to yell — no don’t do that! Turns out I have a hard time when female teens make stupid choices. Who knew? However, by the end of the book, I was racing to the end, couldn’t put it down , etc. And I  am intrigued  by  this horrible thing that is happening.  It feels  like series  is getting a little  edgier. So I think the second book in the House of the Night series has maintained the quality of the first book. Which means the third book is very tempting, but I have a few other books to read first…

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