September 23, 2009 at 2:46 pm (domestic life, thoughts) (, )

When you need more exercise, the simple suggestion is take a walk. Assuming you have no physical problems, the idea feels like it is simple. So why is it hard?

Time is a factor, of course. Even in my life , which I try to leave lots of room in , there isn’t always time. Weather can be a factor. And some days, you just don’t wanna. But sometimes, it is the place.

Where I live – it is a great place to walk. I have neighbors I can wave to, or a place where I can watch birds. I can walk around a block, or I can walk to a destination ( a few restaurants, a coffee shop, the post office, and a small store ) . Work site #1 is clearly awful, a parking lot in a boreing strip mall where there are people asking for money. Work site #2 looks better, because it is in a suburban style park. But it feels odd. It feels like a wasteland . It is mostly sports fields, soccer and footbal. There is a tiny playground area and a tiny picnic area. Most of the time it feels empty and spooky, even under the bright califonia sun. And DH works in Industrial /commercial park hell – where even if there is a place to walk to – getting run over is a possiblilty and so is getting beaten to mush by the nioonday sun. ( why are those areas so much hotter?)

I find it interesting that we can make a place for people that is difficult/ uncomfortable for walking, when that is how we are made to get from place to place.


  1. Kari said,

    And I live across from a sports field that is used by the area as an unofficial dog park, an unimproved track, and as practice fields for an adult kickball team.

    It’s the busy intersection with crosswalks that frustrate me. Despite the crosswalks, it just doesn’t seem safe. I’d love for a walking bridge to be installed. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the perils of traffic.

  2. egb63 said,

    That is exactly what I mean. Why should it be so hard.

  3. Peter said,

    I go to the mountains or the woods. Of course it takes a long drive.

  4. jb said,

    Our campus at work has many multiples of buildings spread out over many multiples of acres. Walking to/from meetings is part of the daily routine. They do some things to make the campus walkable such as installing sidewalks, walking paths and stairways along the walking shortcuts. Yet my most common walk is through a parking lot, across a street, through another parking lot, down a set of stairs, through a parking garage, across another street, through one more parking lot. You get the picture. They have tried to make a walkable campus and I give them a B for their efforts, but I still have to cross some busy streets, there are no shade trees and when its raining, sorry, I take the shuttle or simply use the phone.

    • egb63 said,

      busy streets are one problem, lack of shade trees is another . Weather you can’t really do much about , but if you weren’t walking thru a parking lot you might walk more in iffy weather.

      • jb said,

        The parking structure does offer a respite from the sun and the rain.

  5. Bonnie said,

    Pink ball caps and umbrella’s.

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