ahh, the public service life

October 21, 2009 at 1:02 pm (library) (, , )

No matter how long you have been in public service, and no matter how good you are, you will meet someone who you just can’t deal with . Or they can’t deal with you . Sometimes, well, the customer is right. Many times there is just a communication issue. Sometimes the customer is wrong. And sometimes They are just crazy. Today Mr. Crazy Man came in . He want Alice in Wonderland — but not form the children’s department, but from the teen section of the library. As I was checking the catalog, I did mention that there might also be an unabridged edition in the children’s section that would be the same — that is as far as I got. I was now ,wrong, pushy, opinionated , and incompetent.
Where was the manager? At the big Branch. Who’s the supervisor?  X at the big branch. Well who is the highest ranking person here? Well, actually – My co-worker S has the same rank as I do. And we are the highest ranking people here today. ( Rank — we aren’t the military). So while S tried to talk to him ( you are not the same as her . Yes, I am . No ,you are not). I found what he was looking for on the Adult shelves. I had to show him where I  found it ( look  I am a liar , too) . I had to try and prove this was the right version . And then He found a page with an ILLUSTRATION. ( did you know Lewis Carrol was an artist as well as an author? ). He eventually decided it was ok to take this copy.

S and I just had to laugh.

It turns out , they know him at the big branch. And yes he does the same thing there. ( he doesn’t like the way things are organized at that branch). And my boss did say – Well I think you are competent , very, very, very competent.

So I count this as a win .


  1. Susan said,

    Been there, had that happen. I find strong spirits help. That and putting a hex on the person 😉

    • egb63 said,

      In this case it was just too funny. Best part was when he argued with S about her title

  2. egb63 said,

    I find this story funny. This guy was just so over the top. And so wrong. But everyone I tell this to gets all upset.

    Maybe you had to be there. Or maybe you have to be me. Or maybe you just have to be able to see that every encounter this guy has is hard , difficult, unpleasant, and no fun.

    I have a better life than he does. And I know I am good at what I do. So his anger , it can’t touch me.

  3. Bonnie said,

    Yea! For the good guys! There are people out there that one can never please and will never, never admit that they were wrong. keep up the good “works”.

  4. MEH said,

    Your DM said it best – sometimes you can’t win.

    But it doesn’t mean don’t try – and, as always, you did, and came out on top.

    Good for you. Yer awesome, ya know that?

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