Niles Christmas Parade

November 28, 2009 at 1:43 pm (domestic life, fun, niles) (, , )

Every  year,  the day  after  Thanksgiving, is  the Niles  Christmas  Parade .  Thie  year we  had  Krisiti Yamaguchi , the tap dancing  Christmas trees,  The highlanders, the storm  troopers  from  Star wars ,  and the Niles  Monster. My camera just doesn’t  take  good  night photos ( this  is  where I  miss  film.   My  old  film  camera I  could  make it  take decent  night  photos) , but I  got  a few.

Waiting for  the parade, train of  lights visible:

And  some familiar characters:

It was a  rainy night, but the crowds  were good and there was a lot of  hot chocolate to be found.  I think it  would have to be pouring all day for some one to  truly  rain on this  parade.

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