nonfiction #2

April 4, 2010 at 10:40 pm (books, domestic life) (, )

So, as you may recall I thought I would try and read 24 nonfiction books this year. The first was the Vagina monologues , which was good. Glad I read it, but it would be much more powerful to see.

Today I read Household Cleaning Self Sufficiency by Rachelle Strauss. It is about cleaning with greed /homemade products. Most of it I knew but a few things stood out. She admitted that a number of green products involved more scrubbing or waiting than commercial products. She also uses Borax , which isn’t always a good choice. but she also only uses it when necessary . Of course, she feel s you can avoid a lot of things like scrubbing or borax, by just keeping up with the cleaning.

There are a few pages I am going to copy — the ones on fight dust mites and carpet cleaning. I don’t have carpets, but I have friends with carpets and pets that might be interested.


  1. Peter said,

    Why would pets be interested?

  2. jb said,

    My two pets certainly won’t be interested 😉

  3. egb63 said,

    oh come on, what pet doesn’t want to roll on a nice clean rug and get full of good stinks?

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