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I  Love  this  article.
Control is a bad word for diabetes. Really. Eat well, exercise — and then fall off your bike . Up goes the blood sugar. Take boot camp – lots of exercise — stress your body — up goes the blood sugar. Take care of someone sick — up goes your blood sugar. Feel for someone’s  problems — up goes your blood sugar. Life happens and your blood sugar goes. up . As my Doctor says — diabetes is a progressive disease. – progressively worse.

Influence is a better word. It makes sense from my experience.

I like the word  influence for all diseases.   You  can  do  everything in  you r power  to prevent  a  cold,  and  still get  one. But it is a great word for chronic conditions. Life  will always  get  in  the way  of  control.

I’m  not  that  picky  about  word  choices.  In fact,  my  DH  would  say  I  am  careless.  But  sometimes it  really  makes  a difference.


  1. Home Interior Decor said,

    Nice opinion.

    I totally agree with you that the word influence is best to use for all diseases and that even if we do everything in our power to prevent a cold, we can still get one.

  2. Peter said,

    Very true.

  3. Uncle Bob said,

    Or perhaps “relationship.”

    • egb63 said,

      Well, there is a relationship — but I think I like influence because actions ( food choices , exercise choices ) can move the numbers up or down. There is no exact corolation because so there are so many factors involved

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