June 29, 2010 at 11:47 am (chronic conditions, diabetes, food)

Lots of people have complicated relationships with food. Add a metabolic disease like diabetes – and you add another level of complexity.

My relationship with food is defined partially by diabetes. I like to eat. And I can eat a lot of food. ( the idea that one glass of oj equals 6 oranges and who would eat 6 oranges at once. Well, I never have but 6 oranges doesn’t really seem outrageous to me ) And I can eat almost anytime. ( No, I never joined an eating contest, that seemed insane to me, because I enjoy eating.) I’ve always had cravings for different foods. With diabetes, everything has been magnified.

When my blood sugar is low, I feel absolutely crazy with hunger. The thought of taking a bite out of the nearest arm might be wrong, but not entirely unreasonable. the best thing, this is an easy fix. Put food in front of me , and I calm down. After a few bites, I am rational again. And it takes a small amount of food to settle everything back to an even keel.

When my blood sugar is high , I have another relationship with food. I get cravings. And not just, a donut sounds yummy but more I need a donut now and I know that there are 17 donuts at the 7-11 calling my name. I don’t care that it is a mile and a half away I can hear them calling my name.

I’m sure that these sound exaggerated. And well. I haven’t become a cannibal or zombie. And while I have walked a mile to get a sweet treat – it hasn’t really been in the snow or extreme heat. but my Dh can testify to the reality of the crazy with low blood sugar. and if my family thinks about it , they will remember the food prowling.

A few things have helped. Eating 6 times a day helps. Making sure there is something reasonable to eat around at all times. Some of the diabetes drugs.

The last 4 to 6 months have been bad. today I started a new drug that has done some amazing things. I am hoping it works well and that the bad side effects are nil.


  1. Peter said,

    Good luck.

  2. JennyB said,

    I hope the new drug keep’s your DH’s arms whole! He does some pretty nifty things with them and I’d hate to see them hampered by a set of teethmarks.

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