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Zombies  are  not  my  monsters .   They  are  boring.   They  just  run  around brainlessly   eating  people.  but  now  I’ve  read  three  good  zombie  books.

The  first  was World  War  Z  , by  Max  Brooks    which  an  episodic,  vegnet  style  book  using  reports,  news paper  accounts,  diaries  entries  to  tell  the  story  of  a  war  against  zombies.

The second  was  Feed by  Mira  Grant. which  was  more  of  a  political  thriller  after  we  created a  world  full of  zombies.


And I  just  finished Rot  and  Ruin by  Jonathan  Marberry.  it  is  a  YA  book  where  the  kids – just  remember  the  zombie  uprising.   and while  the  zombies are still,  zombies  – it adds  the  humanity  back to monsters.   A  really  good  compelling  story


  1. Daniel Smith said,

    Some Zombie movies show zombies with a level of intelligence and strength as time has gone on zombies have become stronger and stronger from the brainless and incredibly slow creatures from earlier movies.

  2. daniebob said,

    I love World War Z! It’s one of my most favorite books. I’ve heard rumors that they’ll be making it into a move with Brad Pitt directing it. I just hope they don’t wreck it…

  3. egb63 said,

    Brad Pitt, huh? well, I’m not sure how they will do it, but let’s cross our fingers.

    We like a bunch of the same , more unusual books

  4. Greg Smith said,

    I highly suggest Brian Keene’s The Rising. Zombies but a little something more…

    • egb63 said,

      yay for book suggestions – thanks

  5. degeneratereich said,

    I like the fact that some writers have chosen to make zombies a little more human like in the fact that they are not just slow moving creatures. My girlfriend has never been exposed to anything about zombies until i asked her to watch The Walking Dead with me. She likes it because of the story regardless of the zombie content…I think it just takes the right concept to win us over!

    • egb63 said,

      I haven’t seen Walking Dead , but I would like to see it….

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