February 23, 2011 at 2:28 pm (walking)

So ,  yesterday  I  walked  the  almost  4  miles  from  my  house  to  work.   Felt  pretty  good  when  I got  to work,  energized.   It  didn’t  last  all  day,  but  it  wasn’t  bad.

Things  to  note  for  the  future:

Bring  more  food.   I  had  the  shakes  when I first  got  to  work – and  my  stomach  was  howling.

Drink less  water  before  walking — pit  stops  are  limited.   Drink  while  walking  instead.

My  backpack  with  work  stuff  is  heavy  than  I  thought.   I  took  it  off and  then  got  up — and  almost  fell over  because  I felt  out  of  balance.   I  don’t  think  my  back pack  is  more  than  10  lbs,  but  it  made  a difference.

I  have  to  pay  attention  to  my  feet.  They  kept  getting  stiff  yesterday.   and  all  night.   they  were  fine  this  morning,  but  I’m  going  to  pay attention.

Over  all I  was  slight  stiff  this  morning,  but moving  around  doing  normal  stuff  and  I  feel   fine  now.   Ther e are  spots  that are  stiff,  but  not  much.

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book list 6

February 21, 2011 at 12:17 am (books) ()

Belle by  Cameron  Dokey  a  retelling  of  beauty   and  the  beast.   Very  good  ,  but not anything different

Hacking Timbuktuu by  Stephen  Davis  Really  good.   hacking , treasure  hunt and  my  new  video  obsession  ,  parkour.  I  did  a  review here.

and Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride. funny , horror, coming of age story . excellent. I should probably do a review of this one for the teen website , too.  It  even  mentioned  my  favorite  bad  movie  from the  Sci Fi  channel, Mansquito

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spring weeds

February 20, 2011 at 6:41 pm (fun, garden) (, )

In California, every thing grows. All the time. However, it is amazing what happens in the winter. Ground that has been dormant for over six months is, after a few days of rain, a foot deep in weeds. Then the fun begins ( I see you DH, but I mean it ) . The sun comes out, and it gets warm enough that you feel compelled to go out side and you weed.  All it takes is slow steady pulling and -pop-  the weed is out of the ground.  In no time you have enough weeds to cover at least 3 dead bodies. If you are lucky, the rain will hold off one more day – and you can do it again .

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February 17, 2011 at 10:56 pm (books, fitness, thoughts) ()

I  had  never heard of  parkour  until  I  started  the book  I  am  reading now I wasn’t  sure  how  real it  was .   It  is real .  I would  call it  urban  survival  running.

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library books

February 15, 2011 at 9:30 pm (books, library)

Currently  I  have 27  books checked out  on  my  library card,  5  that  I have  finished , 3 that  are due  a  few  days,  1  hold  waiting to be picked, and  5 more holds on the  list.

The  great thing about  working at a  library, all the books.  The not so great part,  all those books I won’t  get  to .   The worst  part, all those books I bring home  and  never  get  to. 

I  have  fantasies  about sitting and  reading for  three days straight.  The  most it  has  ever  really  been in the last  few  years  is  three  hours.

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Walk to work

February 14, 2011 at 4:41 pm (fitness) (, )

So today  I walked to work from the cafe. 2.8  miles.  As  far as  a walk goes , it  was pretty  good.  M.  is not  a  great place to  walk , but  there are sidewalks. Lots  of  loud,  fast  traffic. W  is  nicer,  but  by  the  time I  got  there I was less  than  thrilled  to be  walking. The boredom lasted  until  I over  took  some young men.   I  was over-pleased  with the fact  that I was  much faster  than  they  were.  CC center was pleasant.  I got to  work in 56 minutes.   It  would have been  great , except I forgot  my  lunch.   Starbucks isn’t too far, so I quickly  walked  back  there and got lunch

And  now, it is supposed to  rain for  the next  10  days.  I  guess  that  means  the elliptical  trainer.  Being soggy  at  work doesn’t  sound  like  fun.

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