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February 15, 2011 at 9:30 pm (books, library)

Currently  I  have 27  books checked out  on  my  library card,  5  that  I have  finished , 3 that  are due  a  few  days,  1  hold  waiting to be picked, and  5 more holds on the  list.

The  great thing about  working at a  library, all the books.  The not so great part,  all those books I won’t  get  to .   The worst  part, all those books I bring home  and  never  get  to. 

I  have  fantasies  about sitting and  reading for  three days straight.  The  most it  has  ever  really  been in the last  few  years  is  three  hours.


  1. bjb said,

    I have stacks on my bed side table, on a dresser and in the closet waiting for me. I wish I could come close to reading as fast as you do.

    • egb63 said,

      I wish I could read like i used to

  2. Peter said,

    How do kids get to read better than the teacher?

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