this weeks workout

March 30, 2011 at 10:56 am (fitness, fun) ()

So  last week  I walked a little  over  14  miles – 10 or so  on  the elliptical.  Which is like walking  10  uphill.  I  was  really  tired  last  Saturday,  but I  don’t  know if  it  was  just  from  a  short  night’s  sleep.  Or  the  exercise.

sunday  we  went out  on  the  bikes,  much  easier  than  usual. – so  that  is  a  big  plus.   But  my shoulders  really  hurt –  I  guess that means I  should get  the  weights  out. 

So  far   about  6  miles  this  week   and Tuesday  was  much  faster  despite  needing  my  inhaler.   Tomorrow  should be  Very  interesting  I  am  planing  on  walking to  and  from  work. 6 miles  in  total ,  and I  am  wondering if  I  will want a  nap  on  friday.

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March 24, 2011 at 10:53 am (domestic life) (, , , )

I was going to  call this  rain,  but  that  is  not  the problem.  I  kind of  like rain.  The problem is the rain hit at the same time as  the  time change.   and allergies.  Some  one  even  noticed that I  have  allergy  eyes this morning.   Getting  out  of bed has been  ridiculously  hard.  I  think  three days of sun would  fix this .  I swear , this  feels  like getting up  in  the  middle  of winter in  CT.

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book list 9

March 21, 2011 at 10:29 pm (books, Uncategorized) ()

The  Gardener by S.A, Bodeen   good  adventure/sci  fi  YA  fiction  in a  world  where  some  humans  have  been  bio-engineered to  live  like  plants

A Kiss  in  Time by  Alex  Finn Retelling  of  sleeping  beauty  ,  when  sleeping  beauty  and  her  castle  are  woken  up in  modern  times.  Not  quite  as  good  as  Beastly by  the same  author

the  facts  speak for  themselves by  Brock  Cole  It  was  nominated  by a National  book  award.   Well  told  story  of  a   broken 13  year  olds  life.   Just not  so  sure  why  it  was  written.

While  my  guitar  gently  weeps Deborah  Grabien  the  2nd  book  of  her  Kincaid series.   Very  good.   at  first  I wasn’t  sure  if  I  was  going to  like  it,  but actually  it  was  better than  the  first.

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10 minutes does what?

March 21, 2011 at 11:41 am (fitness) ()

This is  from  the  eating  well  website — and I  though I  needed to  post  this  here as a  reminder  to  me.  I’m getting  lots of exercise  now,  but there  will be  a  time in  the  future  when  I  need  to  see  this:

Calories Burned in 10 Minutes:
Indoor Activities:
• 28: Stretching or yoga
• 28: Household chores, light
• 34: Weight lifting, moderate
• 45: Household chores, moderate
• 59: Playing with kids
• 90: Sit-ups, vigorous
• 102: Stair machine/Treadmill

Feeling really motivated? If you have more time on the weekends or your day off, get outside and embrace winter and all the fun activities it has to offer. (I for one can’t wait to go snowboarding… wait, does that count as exercise? Yes!)

Outdoor Activities:
• 28: Playing catch
• 57: Walking, very brisk pace
• 62: Ice skating
• 66: Shoveling snow
• 66: Snowboarding
• 68: Downhill skiing, moderate effort
• 88: Snowshoeing
• 91: Cross-country skiing, light/moderate

the whole article is here.

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1001 books you must read?

March 17, 2011 at 11:34 am (books) ()

This list came to my attention today. I know I am not planning on trying to read them all. There are a number of books I tried to read, but could not. There  are some that I have read , and some that I want to read. A number I read when I wa too you ng for them. A whole bunch I know the ideas from, even though I have never read the book.

I have lots of friends that have self-imposed book challenges. But I am always leery of someone saying I must! read this.

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Lake Elizabeth

March 11, 2011 at 12:45 pm (fitness, fun, walking) (, )

I  feel  like  I  should  use  the  word ‘revisited  or  rediscovered  here.    When  we  first  moved  here , we  went to  the park  and  walked  the  lake  a   lot.   But  we  just  haven’t  been  in  a  while.   We  live  to  near  the  creek  trail – which  is more  fun  to  walk  – and  we  walk  a  lot in  the neighborhood.   Lake  Elizabeth  is  more  of  a city  park, more  domesticated ,  than  the  trail .   One of  those  places  with  too  many  ducks  and  too many  geese.  But  it is  two  miles  ( maybe a little  more ) around  the  lake  on  a  smooth  paved  trail  , away  from  traffic  and  very  safe.   So  many  people  walk  around  the  lake  every day.  On  Wednesday  I  walked  around th e lake  twice – which  meant  4 days on  my  feet   and  10  miles (  I have  no idea what  kind  of mileage we  did on  sunday – but it  was a good 3/4  hours  on  our  feet.) and I  walked  that  4  miles  in about an  hour.   I did not walk  on  Thursday .  This  morning  I  walked around  the  lake once.  at a  leisurely  pace — an  hour for  one  circuit.   very slow – but  I  have  hit  12  miles for  the  week.  

A  few  things  I  am  looking  forward  to :

1)  My body stopping  complaining  when I walk  three days in a  row

2) hitting  20  miles in a week

3) the chance spend one  day  walking slowly  ,  eating  , and  reading around  the  lake.

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