more walking

March 3, 2011 at 12:19 pm (fitness, fun, tv) (, , )

walked into work on monday . I’m kinda waiting for the walk to feel more routine. short walk on Tuesday just to loosen things up. By accident I spent an hour on the elliptical trainer. I was trying to watch Castle – but for some reason it kept restarting — so it took me an hour to watch 43 minutes of tv. But the advertisers will be happy — I got to see more ads. I’m curious – why is the elliptical trainer so much harder than walking.? I am Not moving faster. Is it the need for balance or my legs moving higher? I don’t really know. The next walk to work is friday.


  1. Kari said,

    60 minutes on the elliptical is boring. That’s why it is hard. It’s not good for reading a book and TV is just not as good a distraction as books. You do work harder if you are not reading a book.

    • egb63 said,

      that is why it is mentally harder . ( nathen fillion helps a lot ) But it is actually physically harder. Sweatier ( is that a word? ) , legs shaking and then this morning my calves were slightly tight – and I am aware of quads and stomach muscles.

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