Lake Elizabeth

March 11, 2011 at 12:45 pm (fitness, fun, walking) (, )

I  feel  like  I  should  use  the  word ‘revisited  or  rediscovered  here.    When  we  first  moved  here , we  went to  the park  and  walked  the  lake  a   lot.   But  we  just  haven’t  been  in  a  while.   We  live  to  near  the  creek  trail – which  is more  fun  to  walk  – and  we  walk  a  lot in  the neighborhood.   Lake  Elizabeth  is  more  of  a city  park, more  domesticated ,  than  the  trail .   One of  those  places  with  too  many  ducks  and  too many  geese.  But  it is  two  miles  ( maybe a little  more ) around  the  lake  on  a  smooth  paved  trail  , away  from  traffic  and  very  safe.   So  many  people  walk  around  the  lake  every day.  On  Wednesday  I  walked  around th e lake  twice – which  meant  4 days on  my  feet   and  10  miles (  I have  no idea what  kind  of mileage we  did on  sunday – but it  was a good 3/4  hours  on  our  feet.) and I  walked  that  4  miles  in about an  hour.   I did not walk  on  Thursday .  This  morning  I  walked around  the  lake once.  at a  leisurely  pace — an  hour for  one  circuit.   very slow – but  I  have  hit  12  miles for  the  week.  

A  few  things  I  am  looking  forward  to :

1)  My body stopping  complaining  when I walk  three days in a  row

2) hitting  20  miles in a week

3) the chance spend one  day  walking slowly  ,  eating  , and  reading around  the  lake.


  1. Kari said,

    Have you checked out the suggested training schedule on the Komen webpage?

    I’m walking about 18 miles in a week right now which is more than where they start people at 24 weeks out from the event, but considering I was walking 10-15 miles most weeks due to the dog, I think I’m okay. The thing I’m most concerned about is overuse injuries which can happen if you train too hard too fast. Oh and the nike+ device is great for finding out how far you walk. I believe your iphone will pick up the device.

    So excellent work so far. Don’t overdue it. Your elliptical is an excellent piece of cross training equipment, use that on occasion.

    • egb63 said,

      I’ve looked, but I haven’t really planed things out –I’m still in the stage of figuring out where I am .

      4 days on my feet made my body cranky – but I only need one day to recover. I spend some part of each day on my feet to work, and I do walk some anyway

      I suspect that there will be a week in april where training will be minimal at best. Allergies plus colds usually hit me then . and for that combination – sleep and rest is best. I want to build things to the point where my brain wants to go for a walk sooner ( Ha)

      the eliptical machine is more torture than fun. I will need to use it more – but we haven’t had any real rain this week. I would much rather be outside.

      • Peter said,

        You might find allergy symptoms reduced with mild exercise.

  2. bjb said,

    Keep up the good work. Maybe your foot problem would be helped with better shoes.

    • egb63 said,

      not really having any feet problems . sometimes my ankles are cranky, but not when I am in my walking shoes

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