book list 12

April 29, 2011 at 11:53 am (Uncategorized)

Case Histories Kate Atkinson Thought mytery about a bunch of cold cases . The story unfolds very naturally.
Clone Codes Mckissack ( three members of the family wrote this short book ) review here. Good short teen fiction
Cherub Mission I: Recurit by Robert Muchamore Troubled young boy gets recurited to be a spy. Really well done.

so  6  in  April, 8  in  March,  5  in  feburary, 11  in  january.

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why – or at least the who

April 22, 2011 at 4:48 pm (walking) (, , )

My grandmother

my friends G , and L who just fought it off, and J who survived two bouts of breast cancer before 50 – one without insurance.

My friend C’s mother.

For P , who is male.

For M and B , board members at my library in Ct. They found out about the same time. M survived , B did not.

and for a lot of other people that have had various cancers – because I hope reseach for one cancer with help us with all cancers.

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book list 11

April 17, 2011 at 8:26 pm (Uncategorized) ()

April  ,  so  far…

Scepter  of  the Ancients  by Derek  Landry th e firs t Skulldugger  Pleasent book .  A detective  and mentor to a  12  year  old girl.   And oh  ,  yeah .  He’s  a skeleton .  Excellent.

Subject  Seven   by James Moore.   Blech.   James  Moore  rights  horror  novels for adults – the idea was fascinating – children that  have been  bred to  sleeper  soldiers.   They  live as kids – until a  word is  said and their personalities and body  change. They are not susposed to  know about  the other , but one does  and escapes   and  years later…But I could barely  tell on e  kid from the other .

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher.  Vera  and  her  brother Will live  in a  world wher ewater is almost  gone.  Wars  that  used to be about oil are  now  about  Water.  The world i s dry ,  dusty  , and tired ,  until Vera  meets Kai – a boy who doesn’t  follow  the water  rules. whio  is  he  and why does  he live  such a  dangerous life?  really  good

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had to put it somewhere

April 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm (art, fun) (, )

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exercise anxiety

April 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm (chronic conditions, fitness, walking) (, )

When  I  set a  goal – anxiety  sets  in. Not  for  everything,  but  for  exercise.  Maybe  because it is  the best  thing I can do  for my  health is exercise.  Maybe  because no matter  how I do  it – a  major  part of  it  is  less  than fun. And  part of  it – is  there are ‘rules’.

“make  small goals like working out  15  minuets  5  days a  week ”  : “The  first  thing  you  should do is  find a time  during  the day  when You  can  consistently commit to  exercising”: “don’t let anything interfere with you  exercise  schedule”

The  little  bit  every day  goal – gives  you  nothing to do  if  it  doesn’t  work. and there isn’t  really  a  result to  see.  Adding a  small amount of  exercise  is good,  but can  yo  see or feel a  difference?  in  how  much  time ?

Set  time everyday.  That  might work  for  some people.  But  my  life  is  not  that  routine.   My  work  schedule varies from day  to  day, and week  to  week.  I ‘set ”  my schedule  once a  week– but  there is usually at  least  once  when I  say  I  will do  this  one day or  another day. If  I  didn’t  build in that flexibility – I’d  go  nuts.  Life  is  not neat  and  tidy. Things  do  interfere.

   The best thing about  doing the 3 day  walk – there  is time.  Before I committed I figured  out how I  was going to  handle things.  I pushed a little  past the set goals of  the training  program, because Allergies often lead to  complications – meaning I get  sick.  So I built  in time to  get sick  once  or  twice ( once  was  enough  thank  you ) . 

But I  also  just  joined  the counties Active  for  Life  program  again.  My  goal is  70  minutes  5  days a week.  which  I  would have hit easily,but I got  sick.  Now, I’m  concerned.  Which  is  silly,  because  this isn’t  the point.  And  really , if I  miss this small goal, it means very  little about  the big  goal. 

I  am  back  on  track.  I  walked a  good  walk to day.   BTW – another  myth.  I didn’t  lose  anything by being sick and unable to really work out.   I  feel just as strong  as I  did  before I got  sick.

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Book list 10

April 5, 2011 at 11:25 am (books)

Midnight  Pearls by  Debbie Vigiue — I   retelling of  the  little  mermaid .    Very  different.   Not  quite  from  the perspective  I thought

Red Pyrimad by  Rick Riodian  new  series — Egyptian  gods  instead  of  greek –  good  fun

so  8  in  march,  5  in  feburary, 11  in  january.

how  did  I  read so  much  in  January?


(  I  forgot  to  fill  in the  description )

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