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A  couple  of  years  ago  we  made  a  floor  for  our  dining  room – from  a  tree.   We  also  put  down a  slate  floor  in the kitchen  ourselves.  And  then we  took  apart  a  fire place  and  hauled bricks  down  the street to  make a  patio(  we didn’t  build  the  patio  ourselves) .  I  couldn’t  explain to anyone  why  we  did it .  But  I  just  looked  at  a  Ted Talk  by  Mike  Rowe ( dirty  jobs) about  work.  Meaning  labour.  And it  explains  things.  There is a certain  satisfaction in  work.   My dad has  said  this (  and  done  it ) .  My  Dh  lives  it. and  I get  it.

Watch  him.  He is entertaining and his conclusion are something my  DH  and  I  have  been  talking  about.

No  embedding –  here is  the  link


  1. Sarameg said,

    Oh, yeah, I get it. Touching up paint tonight. As much as I’ve slacked on the banister until lately, sooo much satisfaction in doing it myself. Probably bit off more than I can chew in a year, but still. (And kudos to your husband for talking me through it.)

  2. Kari said,

    I love the TED website.

  3. Peter said,


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