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April 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm (chronic conditions, fitness, walking) (, )

When  I  set a  goal – anxiety  sets  in. Not  for  everything,  but  for  exercise.  Maybe  because it is  the best  thing I can do  for my  health is exercise.  Maybe  because no matter  how I do  it – a  major  part of  it  is  less  than fun. And  part of  it – is  there are ‘rules’.

“make  small goals like working out  15  minuets  5  days a  week ”  : “The  first  thing  you  should do is  find a time  during  the day  when You  can  consistently commit to  exercising”: “don’t let anything interfere with you  exercise  schedule”

The  little  bit  every day  goal – gives  you  nothing to do  if  it  doesn’t  work. and there isn’t  really  a  result to  see.  Adding a  small amount of  exercise  is good,  but can  yo  see or feel a  difference?  in  how  much  time ?

Set  time everyday.  That  might work  for  some people.  But  my  life  is  not  that  routine.   My  work  schedule varies from day  to  day, and week  to  week.  I ‘set ”  my schedule  once a  week– but  there is usually at  least  once  when I  say  I  will do  this  one day or  another day. If  I  didn’t  build in that flexibility – I’d  go  nuts.  Life  is  not neat  and  tidy. Things  do  interfere.

   The best thing about  doing the 3 day  walk – there  is time.  Before I committed I figured  out how I  was going to  handle things.  I pushed a little  past the set goals of  the training  program, because Allergies often lead to  complications – meaning I get  sick.  So I built  in time to  get sick  once  or  twice ( once  was  enough  thank  you ) . 

But I  also  just  joined  the counties Active  for  Life  program  again.  My  goal is  70  minutes  5  days a week.  which  I  would have hit easily,but I got  sick.  Now, I’m  concerned.  Which  is  silly,  because  this isn’t  the point.  And  really , if I  miss this small goal, it means very  little about  the big  goal. 

I  am  back  on  track.  I  walked a  good  walk to day.   BTW – another  myth.  I didn’t  lose  anything by being sick and unable to really work out.   I  feel just as strong  as I  did  before I got  sick.


  1. Peter said,

    I do not have any conflicts when I exercise that are not of my own making. Nevertheless, when I’m not feeling well I still exercise because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t, or get up late an have another meeting after the exercise. So, even in retirement schedules can become important.

  2. egb63 said,

    I guess what really matters is not what not feeling well means. I slept for 3 days ( ok 2 an d 1/2 ) . That was pretty easy. And since my body discovered asthma, I ‘ve discovered the value of rest. A day or two of rest when I have a cold keeps the bronchitis away. ( who knew that thing about rest was actually true) .

    and as far as schedules go — well, no – the couch doesn’t win , or tv , or some other stuff. But if an small important thing has to be done- it might make sense to do all the errands and skip the exercise for the night.

    • JennyB said,

      I hear you on the asthma. This year, I’ve finally learned that if I get a cold, that means 2 days of couch time for me. Doesn’t matter how small it is, doesn’t matter what else is going on. If I get a cold, I hit the couch and load up on decongestants and anti-histimines. I had 3 or 4 colds in the fall. For the first time in a few years, none of the colds developed further. I got back to ‘life’ faster because I rested. I finally listened to my own advice.

      As for incorporating exercise, my schedule can go to H$&& in a handbasket in less than three seconds. When this happens, flexibility is the key. It means I can look at the rest of the week and see when I might fit it in. If I can’t, maybe I can at least do 20 to 30 minutes instead of a full hour which I can’t.

      I’ve also found I have to be more flexible about my priorities. I like to do it all, be there for everyone at work whenever they need me, visit with friends on Fb, play scrabble on my iPhone, sleep in, read. But I’m not superwoman. So I’ve had to take a little time from everything to get the time I need to work out.

      And making a commitment to you, Kari, and Shelley to complete the 60 in 3 is a much more motivating goal for me than “work out 15 minutes a day for 5 days a week” or “loose some weight” or “live a healthier lifestyle”. I needed a bigger goal to motivate me. One that scared me incredibly because it is overwhelming when I think about it too much. So I better get out there and do something for at least a few minutes, cause its better than doing nothing which won’t get me to the finish line.

  3. egb63 said,

    So far Facebook games have taken a hit and TV. And unstructured time. and the coffee shop. I still go most days — but I don’t get the two hour hang time every weekday anymore. The biggest thing has been steeping up the organization in my life. I’d rather not think about tomorrow when I get home tonight , but I have to .

    Something about having a gaol that is big – but far enough in the futue has so far made things easy . but I keep looking for the rocks

  4. Uncle Bob said,

    A few quick thoughts.

    I always stop exercising when I get sick; things heal faster with rest.

    When I want really stick to a goal/schedule, I plot it and keep it someplace I can’t avoid seeing (on the mirror) that way the guilt hits me no matter what and there is a better chance I’ll actually go do it.

    Keep it simple; 70 minutes seems to be a long workout.

    I wish that once I hurt my back in college I had developed the habit of working out very regularly. If I had things would be a lot less work now and my back wouldn’t hurt so often.

    • egb63 said,

      Hey Uncle Bob –

      Kar i Jenny and I and re walking in the 3 day walkf for breast cancer — We need to be able to walk 60 miles in three days. It is only that kind of a goal – for a very good reason , that would give me enough motivation to work that hard. 😉

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