book list 11

April 17, 2011 at 8:26 pm (Uncategorized) ()

April  ,  so  far…

Scepter  of  the Ancients  by Derek  Landry th e firs t Skulldugger  Pleasent book .  A detective  and mentor to a  12  year  old girl.   And oh  ,  yeah .  He’s  a skeleton .  Excellent.

Subject  Seven   by James Moore.   Blech.   James  Moore  rights  horror  novels for adults – the idea was fascinating – children that  have been  bred to  sleeper  soldiers.   They  live as kids – until a  word is  said and their personalities and body  change. They are not susposed to  know about  the other , but one does  and escapes   and  years later…But I could barely  tell on e  kid from the other .

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher.  Vera  and  her  brother Will live  in a  world wher ewater is almost  gone.  Wars  that  used to be about oil are  now  about  Water.  The world i s dry ,  dusty  , and tired ,  until Vera  meets Kai – a boy who doesn’t  follow  the water  rules. whio  is  he  and why does  he live  such a  dangerous life?  really  good

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