why – or at least the who

April 22, 2011 at 4:48 pm (walking) (, , )

My grandmother

my friends G , and L who just fought it off, and J who survived two bouts of breast cancer before 50 – one without insurance.

My friend C’s mother.

For P , who is male.

For M and B , board members at my library in Ct. They found out about the same time. M survived , B did not.

and for a lot of other people that have had various cancers – because I hope reseach for one cancer with help us with all cancers.


  1. JennyB said,

    And for my friends A and C, who are survivors
    And for a friend of a friend who is not a survivor
    And for my landscaper’s wife, who survived breast cancer only to discover she had head and neck cancer (currently fighting it)
    And for a friend’s mom who is not a survivor

  2. bjb said,

    Well said!

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