Bay to Breakers 2011

May 16, 2011 at 9:57 pm (Uncategorized)

This year was my third year walking it. It was the easiest time I had walking it – the Hayes street hill, which is long and steep , didn’t bother me. Yes, it is a slow walk , but that hill is serious. So that pleased me.

I have to say – enforcement of the alcohol rules seems have helped – at least for the early part of the race. Saw some drunk people — but more of them were spectators.

review of the issues :

Portapotties – many more and more frequent than I have ever seen.
trashcan – most invisible – Seriously , don’t complain about trash pick up if there is no place to put trash. I carried a little bit of trash ’til I got home.
drunkenness – less.
police – I saw some – in the trouble areas , but it all was very low-key.
security – saw people in vests, but I have no idea what they were supposed to be doing. gawking and dealing is what I saw .
naked people belive me , no one joins the race to see the naked people.
T-shirt and medal – another mile or so of walking to get them – and the t-shirt I hear the word ‘ugly’ and a lot of annoyance that it was a picture of a man.
Unregistered or bandit runners. lots of them . I don’t think the cut of date is useful — people still come. So why not have a registration and then have a late sign up — or a place to donate money – with out the goodies – but to donate to the clean up/organization? Maybe not everybody, but some people would be willing to help. Sometimes not registering is a lack of organization. and since there are so many unregistered participants – why not give them a chance to help out?

and in the important news about me :

6 miles on saturday
8.5 on sunday

and today I feel pretty good –  Both my sister J and I feel we are at the stage where 20 miles seems quite possible – we just aren’t sure about 20 miles , followed by 20 miles , followed by a third day of 20 miles….


  1. JennyB said,

    Thanks for joining me.

    The Naked people were just weird. None were lovely to look at.

    The Hayes Street hill didn’t bother me at all either. And neither did the long downhill to the Breakers.

    Was a good day overall. Though now that I’ve done it once, I don’t know that I need to do it again.

  2. egb63 said,

    this was my third time- i like people watching , so it is fum. But not so much fun that i would chose it over other things But , I am willing to walk with people so if someone wants company – I’d be up for it.

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