Walking update

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This weekend  was  hard.  I  don’t  know  why.  I  walked  12 on Saturday  and 7 on  sunday.  I  got  blisters for  the first  time on sunday . I was intensely  cranky  on  Saturday .

things  that I am guessing were part of  the problem

1) I  did  not  sleep  well on  friday

2) on Saturday I did not get to  go  my  planned  route ( there was a body in  the river ) so  I  had to  walk back  past  my  house in  order  hit  12  miles ( I had  hoped for  14) .

3)  it  was a spare  the air  week  – and even  though it was officially  over , I  think  the effects  linger

4) on  sunday  the trail breeze  was  minimal.

5)  my  feet  felt  tender  after sunday I  think  that  means  new  socks.

6)  I  had  stuff going on  that  didn’t  want to  miss saturday  night  and  sunday  afternoon.

7) not  sure I had  the right food  saturday

Now  I did  the  walking, but there are a few  things I think I  need to  do :

Walk more  6 to  8  mile  walks – time wise  that means 90 to 120  minutes of  brisk  walking maybe  up to  180  at a slow  pace ( for  8  miles)

new  shoes

new  socks

food experimentation. 

right  now  a  nap  sounds  better

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warm summer afternoon nap

June 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm (cats) ()

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book list 14

June 15, 2011 at 3:46 pm (books) ()

One  I  forgot  from  May

 Throat by R. A. Nelson Review here

by  the  time you  read this I’ll be  dead Julie  Anne  Peters about  a  girl  who tried to  commit  suicide, and is  determined  to  do  it  right  this time.  Actually  , pretty  good.

Cloaked  by  Alex  Finn frog  prince  and other  fairy  tales  – all  mixed together in the modern  world. review here

Ripple  effect   by  Paul  McCusker  I  wanted to  really  like  this  book – time travel  ,parallel  universes,  etc . The Characters  were flat,  dull and  I  didn’t  really  get  a picture of  the  two different  worlds.   After  I  finished it, I flipped  the book over and saw  that  the author  is a  member of Focus  on  the Family.  So I  think this  was supposed to be christian  fiction.  I couldn’t  tell from  the book.  It  was  just  bad.

Glass Houses Rachel  Caine  –  super  smart  girl  goes  to  college early ,  in  a  town  run  by  vampires

so  5  for  June  so  far — but  only  Glass  Houses  ended up  on  my  50  hours

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book list 13

June 4, 2011 at 9:48 am (books) ()

Cyborg by  the  Mckissack good follow  up – need  the thrid  now

 The Marbury  Lens by   Andrew  Smith ok  I never  finished it, just  couldn’t

Playing with FireFaceless One   by   Derek Landry books 2  and 3 of  Skullduggery  Pleasant

Bleeding Violet Dia Reeves – horror, couldn’t  put  it  down, but can’t  tell you  if it  was a good  book

so  only  4  in  may ,  6  in  April, 8  in  March,  5  in  feburary, 11  in  january.  June  should be  different  because I  am join the teen  summer  reading game and need to get  in 50  hours  of  reading between  June  13th  and aug 13th.   I  can’t  really  afford to get  stuck on a  book I can’t  read.




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