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no really, I ‘m talking about socks. Which , if you know me, is ridiculous. I ‘m not a sock person. I don’t really ike to wear them . They complicate getting dressed. Ok, I do like my cute, sexy, over the knee socks. But making sure I have a clean matching pair just adds one more complication. Of course, Now I am walking a bazillion miles a week. Socks actually matter . They make a difference. Not only am I wearing socks, I actually have options about fit and feel. And now a new complication. If you walk a lot – they wear out. Not visibly, but I can feel it. I have to get rid of socks that look perfectly good, but are not. And I may have to start pulling a Shelly and carrying a second pair. The last two miles of my walk yesterday were slower – mostly due to the possibility of getting blisters from my socks.

I miss my carefree sockless days.

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