or the lure of routines

November 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm (domestic life, Uncategorized) (, , )

About a billion years ago I went onto and I have to admit that I thought, “this lady is crazy. She is a purple houskeeping dictaotr!”. I read through her site – thinkin g thoughts like – crazy woman gets dressed before she does anything. She shines her sink every night? why is she so happy about house work ..huh , just work on a task for 15 minutes?  Interensting  idea.

Fast  forward a bit — the book Home  Comforts  by   Cheryl Mendelson .  Another one  that seemed  overly  obssed  by cleaning  things ( I do not care how a  fitted  sheet  is  folded — as long as it  doesn’t  fallon  my  head or take up too much  space) However in her introduction, sh  mentioned  an  old  fashion idea — laundry  day  was  monday ,  baking  day  was  Tuesday … a schedule.

Fast  forward to  –  a  few  weeks  ago .   A  lot  of  my  friends were  talking about  the  flylady  again and  there  was a  slightly  different  take  on  things . Most  of  the people  I  know still  look  at  the getting  dressed to  the shoes every  morning  as  something  that  doesn’t  make    lot  of  sense. The  language  is  too cutsie. But people  were  still  reading  and talking and using  the  site.   At  the  same  time  my  friends  were  talking about  the  flylady ,  I  was  in  the process of  trying  to  figure  out  how  the  house  was  going to  be a  better  place  to  live.   I  had been  back at  a  full  time  job  for six month; it  was  a  month  after  my  walk  and I  hated  that  my  Wednesday  off  was  become  clean  the house  day.   DH  had  come  up  with  a  great plan  for  the  master bedroom to improve – so  the momentum  was  there.    So  I  reread  the  flylady  site – with  a  more  grown  up eye  and  a  trust  in  my  ability to  pull  what  I  needed out  of  it and  not  be  overwhelmed  by  the  purple.

Interesting,  the site  read  differently to  me this  time  through.   While  I  would  say  the flylady  has  many  ideas  about how  things  should  be  done,a  lot  of  what  she  said  made  sense.  Things  didn’t  become a  mess  in an hour ,  a day  or  week  so  they  won’t  become  clean  and  organized  in  a an  hour a  day or  a  week. Her  baasic  plan  breaks  the  house  in to zones  and  you  concentrate on one  zone  per  week.   She  has a  bunch  of  daily  routines  and different  places to  concentrate  on  and  decluttering  tips , but the interesting  thing for  me is  that the zone  thing seems to  work for  me.  Over a  week,  I  got  the kitchen  cleaner  than  it  had  been in a while – in small  15  minute  tasks.  And interestingly – the  kitchen  stayed  clean while  we  ripped  apart  the  bedroom  and  scattered  it all over  the  house.

We  ended up  with  a last  minute  thanksgiving  here.   So  we  needed  to  clean up in order  to  fit  people  in the  house – it  didn’t  take  too  long  and  all  but  two  rooms  look good.   We are  both  happier  with  things  cleaner  and  more  organized and  I think  we  a  little  help  from  the routine  builder  we  have a  chance  at  some  visual  peace


  1. Kari said,

    I had a hard time seeing where I should start, but I finally found it. So I shined my sink yesterday per the directions. I think it did encourage me to clean up all the dishes, so I could maintain my shiny sink. I’m willing to try to see if it keeps my house neater.

  2. Kari said,

    I’ve done some further review of her website – she’s a little nutty, but if my house is cleaner…

    • egb63 said,

      I keep trying to put things into words — i get her digest email which has testimonials as well today’s mission . I really believe that people are happier with cleaner, more organized houses, otherwise I wouldn’t even be looking at this kind of stuff. But I’m not looking for joy – just a little calm and peace. I know how to clean a house, but I’m not so good at devloping a routine for me. And that is how I am using her site and emails. I won’t be putting on shoes before doing things., becuase the reason I sweep almost everyday is because I walk around barefoot. Interesting sideeffect of sweeping – I find it is a soothing way to convince my body that it is time to be awake.

      • Kari said,

        I picked up a shark steam sweeper before Thanksgiving. It does a really good job on the floors (hardwood and tile).

  3. egb63 said,

    I’ve been think about one of those

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