booklist 5 ( 2012)

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The  vision Heather  Graham.  Kindle  library  loan .You  know  some times her books are not so  good, other times  they are really  fun.  Pirate  treasure !  this  one  was  fun !

Storm  Front Jim  Butcher – Kindle  library  loan. I  have  the first  6  of  the dresden  files on  my  kindle – I  am  enjoying  the  reread.

Fool Moon– see  above

Forest  of  Hands  and  Teeth Carrie  Ryan  Kindle library  loan  YA amazing  zombie    reminded  (  vaguely )  of  the  handmaids  tale

How  to  be  sick  Toni Bernhard  library  book  Excellent  book on  dealing  with having a  chronic disease.   She  lives  it. link to her website

Sink Reflections Marla Cilley Library book the fly lady’s book – pretty much her website in a book form

bite me
Christopher Moore off the book shelf funny vampire – not my most favorite book by him , but great fun

7 more for February making 12 so far this month

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flylady status

February 15, 2012 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

So  I  have  been  following  the fly lady  for  awhile and  So  far  I  have 

established a morning routine

established  an  evening  routine ( more or  less)

– use  the weekly zones as  a suggestion of  what  to  do  and  where to  concentrate ( but where  the fly lady is  and what i  need to  do might be  different) .  or  I  might expand the  idea — like  if she has you  looking for spiderwebs  in  the dinning room – I might look  through  the whole  house (  it  is  small)

started  actively  looking  for things  to put  away and  spending  5  to  15  minutes doing  such  things


 Things  I  am  not  doing – the monthly  missions ( dec – menu planning , january  shine  your  sink, february  – 15  minutes  of  decluttering a  day ) just  doesn’t  fit  right  now 

weekly  home  blessing (  1  hour  spent  on  5- 6   tasks  that make  your  home  basically  clean) partly  because what  I  do  on a  daily  basis  does  this – and partly  because  the name annoys  me

How I am Currently  feeling about this whole  experiment. It works.  The house  is  much  cleaner .   There is  time  to do bigger  projects  and it  is  easy  to  see  what  needs  to be  done ( for example:   My  DH  painted  the vanity  in  the bathroom – and  changed  the knobs. Instant  improvement.  Much  needed.   And  he did it  because  he  took  the day  off to  clean  before  company  came , but there wasn’t  much  to  do – so  he  saw  a small project  and  did  it) .  Also – if  there is  a day  that is  missed – it  doesn’t  make  much  difference.  bigger  dust bunnies .

added  bonus.  I  talk a lot when I  am  doing mundane  chores , to  myself,  the cats, and people who aren’t  there.  Now – I  talk  to  the invisible fly  lady.  She  really  appreciates  my  comments  about dirty  socks  left on  the ottoman – or how  easy  it  is  to  put  one  load  of laundry  away instead of 7 .



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happy valentine’s day

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funny pictures - Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: We Made You This Heart for Valentine's Day
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

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book list 4 ( 2012)

February 10, 2012 at 5:30 pm (Uncategorized)

the last  werewolf Glen  Duncan  kindle  library loan. Sorry  hated it thought it was pretentious and boreing, but  the second  half  was less boring,  but  predictable.

hidden  witch Debora Geary    kindle  loan  I  might  have to  buy  the  next  one  in this  series

Museum  of  thieves Lian  Tanner kindle  library loan  fun adventure about a very  safe ( ?)  city  – kids  book

Death  threads elizabeth  Lynn Casey  Kindle  library  loan  another  southern  sewing  circle  mystery

City of  Lies Lian Tanner Kindle  library  loan book two in  museum  thieves


5  so  far  for  february

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book list 3 (2012)

February 3, 2012 at 6:05 am (Uncategorized)

White Cat  Holly  Black  ( lib book) crime families and magic.  really  good, but  not  nice.

Seziure  by  Kathy  Reichs   (lib  book) book  2  in  the virals  series — good .   Read  an  odd criticism  of it.  Someone  thought the science  was  unrealistic. People being infected by wolf/cannie blood/virus.;  I  would  agree. However  , it  serves  the purpose  of  the story  and as  this  group of  friends  becomes  a pact — the behavior seems resonalby  described.

this  makes  14  books  for  January

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This has been a difficult week for me this week.  As a  lot of you know , I walked 60 miles to  help raise money for breast cancer awareness/education/and cure.  And I did it with  Susan G  Komen. 

I have  a lot of respect for  Susan G  Komen. They  took what  was a serious  disease that no one  talked about ( remember  breast is a  dirty  word) and made it a well-known and well-funded.  This is marketing at its absolute best.

This week – they took away  funding to planned parenthood clinics. The statements From SGK have  ranged from  Well – we’ve got other places  to  put  money  to we can’t give money to anyone that is being investigated. 

In the past year or so – women’s health issues have been hammered.  Mostly  in the name of stopping abortion. ( and  no, I don’t want to know your opinion on abortion) . There are people who would like to see birth control made unlawful . BTW, that  would include things  like condoms – which stop the spread of disease – so  this hammering includes  men.  

If  you  look at planned parenthood – much of the money spent is on general women’s  health –  including cancer  screening.  Here is the one place a  woman in the US can  walk in and get health care with people who specialize in woman’s  health issues.   The budget is planned that on  the idea that not  everyone will be able  to pay full price. 

SGK says  that  there was no political  agenda behind the move to  stop funding Planned Parenthood.   Sorry, the one thing SGK is good at is marketing. And  they  have blown it.  Yes, it looks very political.

One bright spot:   the SGK affiliate in  CT has  said  they  will continue to donate to Planned Parenthood.

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