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This has been a difficult week for me this week.  As a  lot of you know , I walked 60 miles to  help raise money for breast cancer awareness/education/and cure.  And I did it with  Susan G  Komen. 

I have  a lot of respect for  Susan G  Komen. They  took what  was a serious  disease that no one  talked about ( remember  breast is a  dirty  word) and made it a well-known and well-funded.  This is marketing at its absolute best.

This week – they took away  funding to planned parenthood clinics. The statements From SGK have  ranged from  Well – we’ve got other places  to  put  money  to we can’t give money to anyone that is being investigated. 

In the past year or so – women’s health issues have been hammered.  Mostly  in the name of stopping abortion. ( and  no, I don’t want to know your opinion on abortion) . There are people who would like to see birth control made unlawful . BTW, that  would include things  like condoms – which stop the spread of disease – so  this hammering includes  men.  

If  you  look at planned parenthood – much of the money spent is on general women’s  health –  including cancer  screening.  Here is the one place a  woman in the US can  walk in and get health care with people who specialize in woman’s  health issues.   The budget is planned that on  the idea that not  everyone will be able  to pay full price. 

SGK says  that  there was no political  agenda behind the move to  stop funding Planned Parenthood.   Sorry, the one thing SGK is good at is marketing. And  they  have blown it.  Yes, it looks very political.

One bright spot:   the SGK affiliate in  CT has  said  they  will continue to donate to Planned Parenthood.


  1. Ronnie said,

    Yeah CT SGK affiliate!
    boo SGK!
    thank you Beth.

  2. Kari Buchanan said,

    I didn’t realize that the local affliates have an option to do something different from the hqs. Good to know. I will be asking. My training partner for the walk had the same reaction, I did – maybe I’ll give my money to Planned Parenthood. My training partner is a breast cancer survivor. I know many people who have gone to Planned Parenthood for basic health care. So disappointing.

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