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February 15, 2012 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

So  I  have  been  following  the fly lady  for  awhile and  So  far  I  have 

established a morning routine

established  an  evening  routine ( more or  less)

– use  the weekly zones as  a suggestion of  what  to  do  and  where to  concentrate ( but where  the fly lady is  and what i  need to  do might be  different) .  or  I  might expand the  idea — like  if she has you  looking for spiderwebs  in  the dinning room – I might look  through  the whole  house (  it  is  small)

started  actively  looking  for things  to put  away and  spending  5  to  15  minutes doing  such  things


 Things  I  am  not  doing – the monthly  missions ( dec – menu planning , january  shine  your  sink, february  – 15  minutes  of  decluttering a  day ) just  doesn’t  fit  right  now 

weekly  home  blessing (  1  hour  spent  on  5- 6   tasks  that make  your  home  basically  clean) partly  because what  I  do  on a  daily  basis  does  this – and partly  because  the name annoys  me

How I am Currently  feeling about this whole  experiment. It works.  The house  is  much  cleaner .   There is  time  to do bigger  projects  and it  is  easy  to  see  what  needs  to be  done ( for example:   My  DH  painted  the vanity  in  the bathroom – and  changed  the knobs. Instant  improvement.  Much  needed.   And  he did it  because  he  took  the day  off to  clean  before  company  came , but there wasn’t  much  to  do – so  he  saw  a small project  and  did  it) .  Also – if  there is  a day  that is  missed – it  doesn’t  make  much  difference.  bigger  dust bunnies .

added  bonus.  I  talk a lot when I  am  doing mundane  chores , to  myself,  the cats, and people who aren’t  there.  Now – I  talk  to  the invisible fly  lady.  She  really  appreciates  my  comments  about dirty  socks  left on  the ottoman – or how  easy  it  is  to  put  one  load  of laundry  away instead of 7 .




  1. Christine Wilson said,

    Well done Beth sounds like you have everything under control

    • egb63 said,

      I don’t know about that — but it is better

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