booklist 12 ( 2012)

April 30, 2012 at 6:34 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Matched  by Ally  Condie (kindle  Library  loan)  Interesting.  not great  . feels  like a  first  novel  with a  number of ideas you  have  read before pushed to an  extreme  that doesn’t leave a lot of room for  story  telling. Oddly  I  still might  start  the second.

Dead  Gentlemen Matthew  Cody ( kindle  library  Loan) kids .   good.  paranormal,  time travel, steampunk,

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen  (Library  book) Excellent.   a retelling of Robin  Hood – with  a  twist Will Scarlet is actually  a girl  alittle  more about  Scarlet  here.

3 more  for  april – so  that is  11  mean  55  books so  far for  the year…

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booklist 11 ( 2012)

April 21, 2012 at 2:33 pm (books)

Witches on  Parole  debra  geary ( amazon kindle  borrowed ) happy  family paranormal fun I  just  really like these  books

Witch & wizard. 1, Battle for Shadowland / writers, James Patterson and Dara Naraghi  (library book ) graphic  novel pretty  good,  but like  most  graphic  novels  I can’t say  it  really  captured me.

Guilty  Pleasures ( library  book) Jim Butcher  more  dresden  files

4th of July  James Patterson  ( kindle  library loan )  another women’s  murder  club This one had parts  that were difficult for me to read, but in  the end I  was  wondering where  book  5 was…

so  8  for  April  so  far

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book list 10 2012

April 11, 2012 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized) ()

Princess  Ben  Catherine Gilbert Murdock (kindle  library  book)  a princess parents are killed and she is left  with  her stepmother .  princess Ben Is  not exactly  princessly – how  does  she  fit in … children’s  book – but with a definite  appeal to  an older  crowd. 

 3rd  degree  james  Patterson (kindle  library  book ) 3rd  in the women’s murder  club  series – I  can’t  belive  he  went  there

Croak  by  Gina  Damico (library  book )  the VOYA  reviews  says ” creepy  and hilarious”  which  is  true. But it also  has one of  the most devastating endings I  have  read in a log  time.

Broken  David H.  Burton  paranormal  romance. (kindle  library book)   It  was different.  All the  usual  elements, I  found  the end slightly  confusing.  there was one sex  scene. graphic  and towards  the beginning of  the book.  It  was  written  by  a  man – which  I  did  not  realize  until  I  finished  the book.  I  am going to  search out more books by  the author.

4  for  April so  far

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April 10, 2012 at 7:09 pm (food) ()

What  I really  want to do is tell people to  eat  breakfast — You Are Crazy For Skipping The Best Part Of  Getting Out  of  Bed — however, I  have come to  the sad  conclusion  that some people are Different,  and they really don’t  like to eat first  thing in  the morning.  ( Sad,  but  true) .  But  if  you  do  eat breakfast , here are a few important  things  to  know:

1)  The  role of coffee.  Yes,  it  has  caffeine in it – which helps with  the blood circulation and  eye-opening.  But most important  is  the bitterness.   The bitterness echos  the feeling of  having to  leave  that  nice soft  warm  bed.

2)  sweet -a little bit in  the form of  fruit is best.  Too much  sweet – and you  might never  wake  up. ( as someone with  diabetes , I  mean  that  literally – no  sugar rush  from  me – I just  fall back  to  sleep ) Yes,  some people get a sugar rush,  but  it  has no staying power.

3) protein is  a  good  choice it  has  staying power and a little  carbohydrate  and you  have a meal  with  real  staying power. Now  I  have to say  that  I am fond of the traditional american a breakfast, however you  want fish  and rice – why  not?

4)  vegetation there should be something – I  like mushrooms,  spinach, and onions  in my  omelet  please.   But if  you like salsa on you eggs – you  can  do  it  if you  like

5) Spice – meaning  things on  the Scoville  scale.  Please,  Not in  my  breakfast . I don’t  like morning, I  am not  awake  and I  do not  wish to be  startled  by  my  food. 

Now, if  you are going to be  at  my  house for breakfast in  the morning and  you  want  breakfast , tell me what  you  want. I  understand  how important  breakfast  is.  However, if  you  don’t  want to  talk about breakfast, just be prepared for  silence or discussions of  the cats’ breakfast.   Because  that is  all I  am  capable  of talking about in  the morning.

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book list 9 (2012)

April 5, 2012 at 5:58 pm (Uncategorized) ()

dead beat jim butcher  Library  book book 7  of  the Dresden  files still rereading

Jim Butcher’s the Dresden files. Storm front. Volume one, The gathering storm library  –  graphic  novel – 1st part of  book one of  the Dresden  files.  good,  but  not  additive

the  selkie  Spell  Sophie  Moss free kindle  book romantic  suspense – with  Irish legends – good  read

Staked  Sandra  Edwards   free  kindle Time travel , vampire s- not  very  good

2nd  Chance James  Patterson  library  kindle  loan  2nd  in  the womens  murder  club  series

Encrypted Carolyn  Mccray  Kindle  free  – hackers , bio warfare ….very  ridiculous,  but a  lot  of  fun

6 more – so  13  for  march.   44 so  far  this  year ….

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