April 10, 2012 at 7:09 pm (food) ()

What  I really  want to do is tell people to  eat  breakfast — You Are Crazy For Skipping The Best Part Of  Getting Out  of  Bed — however, I  have come to  the sad  conclusion  that some people are Different,  and they really don’t  like to eat first  thing in  the morning.  ( Sad,  but  true) .  But  if  you  do  eat breakfast , here are a few important  things  to  know:

1)  The  role of coffee.  Yes,  it  has  caffeine in it – which helps with  the blood circulation and  eye-opening.  But most important  is  the bitterness.   The bitterness echos  the feeling of  having to  leave  that  nice soft  warm  bed.

2)  sweet -a little bit in  the form of  fruit is best.  Too much  sweet – and you  might never  wake  up. ( as someone with  diabetes , I  mean  that  literally – no  sugar rush  from  me – I just  fall back  to  sleep ) Yes,  some people get a sugar rush,  but  it  has no staying power.

3) protein is  a  good  choice it  has  staying power and a little  carbohydrate  and you  have a meal  with  real  staying power. Now  I  have to say  that  I am fond of the traditional american a breakfast, however you  want fish  and rice – why  not?

4)  vegetation there should be something – I  like mushrooms,  spinach, and onions  in my  omelet  please.   But if  you like salsa on you eggs – you  can  do  it  if you  like

5) Spice – meaning  things on  the Scoville  scale.  Please,  Not in  my  breakfast . I don’t  like morning, I  am not  awake  and I  do not  wish to be  startled  by  my  food. 

Now, if  you are going to be  at  my  house for breakfast in  the morning and  you  want  breakfast , tell me what  you  want. I  understand  how important  breakfast  is.  However, if  you  don’t  want to  talk about breakfast, just be prepared for  silence or discussions of  the cats’ breakfast.   Because  that is  all I  am  capable  of talking about in  the morning.


  1. Matt said,

    #5 is wroooong…..spicy is gooood in breakfast.

    • egb63 said,

      dear sir:
      1 you don’t do breakfast
      2 notice I said not in my breakfast – this has nothing to do with your breakfast

      love, me

  2. Jenny said,

    I know you know this already but there are a few of us who think coffee=yuck. Tea for me please.

    • egb63 said,

      yes, you may have tea. But I know why you don’t need coffee, It is because you greet the morning with much more joy…

  3. karen farrell said,

    your photo of breakfast food looks like my kind of meal, except I prefer bacon to sausage, and hash browns or fried potatoes to bread, unless there are biscuits!

    • egb63 said,

      I have many photos of breakfast – this is just the first one I found. There are many foods that are good for breakfast!

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