book list 10 2012

April 11, 2012 at 10:25 am (Uncategorized) ()

Princess  Ben  Catherine Gilbert Murdock (kindle  library  book)  a princess parents are killed and she is left  with  her stepmother .  princess Ben Is  not exactly  princessly – how  does  she  fit in … children’s  book – but with a definite  appeal to  an older  crowd. 

 3rd  degree  james  Patterson (kindle  library  book ) 3rd  in the women’s murder  club  series – I  can’t  belive  he  went  there

Croak  by  Gina  Damico (library  book )  the VOYA  reviews  says ” creepy  and hilarious”  which  is  true. But it also  has one of  the most devastating endings I  have  read in a log  time.

Broken  David H.  Burton  paranormal  romance. (kindle  library book)   It  was different.  All the  usual  elements, I  found  the end slightly  confusing.  there was one sex  scene. graphic  and towards  the beginning of  the book.  It  was  written  by  a  man – which  I  did  not  realize  until  I  finished  the book.  I  am going to  search out more books by  the author.

4  for  April so  far

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