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May 22, 2012 at 4:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Graceling Kristin Cashore (kindle library loan) I picked this up a while ago – didn’t get far a nd Finally picked it up again – I have no idea why I waited so long . In this story – some people are born with a grace – ( talent ) and in the beginning it looks like our heroine’s grace is to kill – but nothing is quite that simple. good story , interesting characters and a little spicy romance.

5th horseman James Patterson ( kindle library loan )one more really good one fot the Women’s murder club series

Forks over  Knives edited by Gene Stone ( kindle  library  loan )  health arguments  and recipes for going vegan

Violet  Eyes  by  Debbie Viguié  (library  book)  Excellent  retelling of  the Princess  and  the pea

The sweet life : diabetes without boundaries  by Sam Talbot( library  book)  cookbook   written  by  a  life long diabetic  turned  chef

6th  Target  James  Patterson kindle  library  book   WMC again

Murder  misdirected  Andrew  MaCrea kindle book  excellent  modern mystery  done in  the Noir  style

Cinder  Marissa Meyer library  book  futueristic  cinderella  story – but  bigger  than that .  Interesting . Had a few spots  that  were emotionally  difficult  for  me – and I was figuring out things faster  than the characters,  which bothers  me.   I  missed  the Sailor  moon  references — until I  read  the author  notes – d’oh.

Witches  Under  way  Debora  Geary  and  Witches in  Flight  These  books  are  just  happy  family  books about women – coming into  their  own  power .  I had been  borrowing  this author, I went and bought  them all.  I  imagine  they  will become  comfort  reads.

ttyl  Lauren  Mryacle  Library  book YA –  1st book one of  the most challenge  series.   yes, I  see  why people might not want  their  child to  read  them, but …. it is  a  great place to  start  talking.


11  books for  May  so  far.

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the Sweet Life

May 10, 2012 at 5:40 pm (book review, diabetes, food, Uncategorized) (, )

The sweet life : diabetes without boundaries / Sam Talbot

As  you  might  have guessed , I  have  been renewing my education  on  diabetes.   I  picked up  this  book because  it  is by  a  chef  who has  diagnosed with  diabetes as a  child.  I  thought he would be good  to  read because he would have a perspective  I might  relate to  – someone  with  diabetes  who  loves  food. And  then I  saw  the title on  one of  his recipes. Cchickpea and Cherry  frittata.  Seriously, it  has been  a long time since I have seen a recipe  that was completely  new to me.   I  had to see  this book.

Well, I  read it  quickly over  the last two  nights — and it  makes me sad  that I  don’t  have  the time to  cook  the way  I  used to. There is  that much  that  is interesting and new . 

I  also , for  the first  time really  understand  the difference between  type I  and type II diabetes.   They are related, but type  one is that much more  dangerous.  Talbot  keeps  pretty  tight control over  his diabetes , because  his  reactions are so  much  stronger than  the average  person  with  type II.   The  diet/exercise/testing/medication regime  is just  the way  he lives. I  think being a  chef may  have  helped him with his diabetes, because fresh food  and really  flavorful food  are just part of his life.   why  would he  eat inferior  food ?

One of  the difficulties  I  had with  the book was how much attention he paid to his diabetes. I don’t  know  anyone  that does  that But  then most of my  friends are type  II and even those of us  that had it longer are probably  still in  the adolescent  ( rebellious ) stage of  the disease. In other  words I  found  that part of it difficult to  relate to . He made some things sound easy  to do , when I  know  they  are not.

But I also  had  a problem with some of  the recipes — where do I  get – hemp  seeds , watermelon seeds, acai  berry  and Goji  berries?

It  was a quick  read  last  night, so it is possible  I  missed some stuff, but I do  hope  to  try some of  the recipes  and ideas.

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my kindle – a love note

May 9, 2012 at 11:57 am (books) (, , , )

I  really ,really  love  having an ereader. I love  borrowing books from  the library  on it .   I love  getting free books on  it (  yes  even  really  bad  free books on  it).  I love borrowing  books from  amazon  through  my  prime membership.  I  even  like  buying  books on it ( easier  than borrowing ).  But  today  was  especially  good.  A friend’s  book came out  today – and it  is on  my  kindle  now.  

Murder Misdirected by Andrew MacRae

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Chronic conditions

May 7, 2012 at 4:55 pm (asthma, chronic conditions, diabetes, food)

So , with chronic conditions you have to constantly change in order to keep up with them. last week I would have smacked somebody for stating that – because I am in a readjustment stage.

My diabetes numbers just aren’t where they should be . (BTW – don’t push the issues of testing with your friend with diabetes – testing can be discouraging and most of us go through times – sometimes long times without testing) So new meds. and testing to regularly to get them adjusted. But it is never that simple.

It is allergy season that means extra asthma meds – and my emergency inhaler make my blood sugar rise. A lot. however, breathing works better than not breathing.

And it looks like my food choices need changing. Now I’ve been thinking about it – but for someone who has read so much , it is still hard. In fact, I have two conflicting books looking at me. one vegetarian .One paleo. But the area where they both meet is — goodbye to overly processed food.

So why do we have a candy bar at work today?

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