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May 10, 2012 at 5:40 pm (book review, diabetes, food, Uncategorized) (, )

The sweet life : diabetes without boundaries / Sam Talbot

As  you  might  have guessed , I  have  been renewing my education  on  diabetes.   I  picked up  this  book because  it  is by  a  chef  who has  diagnosed with  diabetes as a  child.  I  thought he would be good  to  read because he would have a perspective  I might  relate to  – someone  with  diabetes  who  loves  food. And  then I  saw  the title on  one of  his recipes. Cchickpea and Cherry  frittata.  Seriously, it  has been  a long time since I have seen a recipe  that was completely  new to me.   I  had to see  this book.

Well, I  read it  quickly over  the last two  nights — and it  makes me sad  that I  don’t  have  the time to  cook  the way  I  used to. There is  that much  that  is interesting and new . 

I  also , for  the first  time really  understand  the difference between  type I  and type II diabetes.   They are related, but type  one is that much more  dangerous.  Talbot  keeps  pretty  tight control over  his diabetes , because  his  reactions are so  much  stronger than  the average  person  with  type II.   The  diet/exercise/testing/medication regime  is just  the way  he lives. I  think being a  chef may  have  helped him with his diabetes, because fresh food  and really  flavorful food  are just part of his life.   why  would he  eat inferior  food ?

One of  the difficulties  I  had with  the book was how much attention he paid to his diabetes. I don’t  know  anyone  that does  that But  then most of my  friends are type  II and even those of us  that had it longer are probably  still in  the adolescent  ( rebellious ) stage of  the disease. In other  words I  found  that part of it difficult to  relate to . He made some things sound easy  to do , when I  know  they  are not.

But I also  had  a problem with some of  the recipes — where do I  get – hemp  seeds , watermelon seeds, acai  berry  and Goji  berries?

It  was a quick  read  last  night, so it is possible  I  missed some stuff, but I do  hope  to  try some of  the recipes  and ideas.


  1. Kari Buchanan said,

    I have friends who have used goji berries. I believe she ordered them off a website. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other were also available on the web.

    • egb63 said,

      I found some at t he new grocery store in town

  2. egb63 said,

    I’m sure it is possible , I just found it less than helpful. and I still think it is good, but it isn’t a usual practice and it makes him look out of touch

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