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June 22, 2012 at 4:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Night  Circus erin morgenstern (kindle  library  book )amazing  magical  dream of a  book

Ashes Ilsa Black ( library  book) post apocalyptic – ya  that  got darker  and  darker and  ended on a  cliff  hanger

7th  heaven james  Patterson ( kindle  library book)It felt  short. the  mystery  was  finished – but it felt  like other stuff — the emotional  and relationship stuff was left out. other  reviews  said  the  same  thing

Plague  town Dana Fredsti ( kindle  book )  military  conspiracy  /zombie  apocalypse/ people  with  extra  strength.  Written  by  a Buffy  fan – but it  didn’t  feel  too Buffy.   It  was interesting, but it  was  battle  after  battle – and  felt  more  like an introduction  than a full story

Legend  Marie  Lu ( library  book ) ya –  the US  is  gone – we are two  countries  She is  the republics greatest soldier  and he is the  republics greatest  rebel.  But  things  aren’t  quite  what  they  seem.  1st in a series, very  hard  to  put  down  .   YA

Before  and Gone (Kindle book ) J. M. Pierce  alien  abduction  novel.   It is possible  that  I  was  abducted  and made to  order  this.  It  is  short.  !st  in a  series.  Too little happens  to make  me care what  happens  next



eta :  6  for  june so far


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