booklist 17

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Bedding  Lord  Ned Sally  Mackenize kindle  library  good  romance

the  duchess  of  love  Sally  Mckenzie kindle  library  book  good  romance  prequel  to  the one  above

To  love  a witch Debora  Geary more  happy  witch  family –  short  book –

President  Jock  ,  vice  president  Geek Scott  william   carter  Free Kindle  YA   Geek  girl  and  Jock  boy get  together  to  improve chances  of  getting into  college,  but  a  lot  more  happens

Hollowland  Amanda  Hoking kindle  free – Zombie  –  quite  good ,  had some of  the clichés,  but slid  quickly through  them, good  enough that i  instantly  bought  the next  book Hollowmen   Amanda  Hoking

the  Gift  James  Patterson library  book  – good  part  two,  but  I  wasn’t  sure  until about  halfway  through

Murder  half  baked  Kathleen  Delaney  kindle  free good  mystery

8 so far  for  July 85 for the year

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ollas – picture

July 3, 2012 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

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book list 16 (2012)

July 2, 2012 at 7:00 am (Uncategorized)

Storm Brigid Kemmer ( library book ) ya paranoral  romance  with  elemental  magic.   good.

She’s Not  There Marla Madison ( kindle  free)  suspense  mystery  – I  didn’t  know  the  characters  as  well as  I  like  -and  the twist  wasn’t to  my  taste.

Bedding  Lord  Ned Sally  Mackenzine (  kindle  library  )  fun  romance



9  for  June  77 for  the  year  so  far

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July 1, 2012 at 9:01 pm (garden) (, , )

So my  new  way  of  watering is with ollas.  This  is  an old  method of  watering plants, really  good  for areas  that don’t hae a  lot of  natural  watering. There is a  little bit  about  them here. The idea is that you take unglazed pots with narrow openings and bury them in the ground. You place plants around them and fill them with water. The water seeps through the walls of the pot , watering the plant. The idea is that the plants will take the water they need – drawing more water if they need it .

Most of my ollas were made by using a terracotta pot flipped over and epoxied ( marine epoxy ) into place.  I fill them through the hole that would have been the bottom of the pot. Most of mine are small – holding about a quart of water, but my garden is shallow. I do have one larger one – I glued two pots together, blocking one of the holes.

I wasn’t  sure  how  this  was going to  work , I  am  notoriously  bad at  watering. But  I  find  this  pretty  easy  – I  have to  fill my  watering can  there  times and  somewhat sloppily  fill  the ollas.   Every other  day is about  right , but  that is where the beauty  of  the  system  comes in –I can put  water in  them  everyday.   It  takes  less  time, and I  can’t  over  water.   Also  it  works  the way  I  was  told.   Some of  my ollas  are  bone dry – and some are still half  full two  days  later.  I’ve  been  told  that  tomatoes  need less  water  and peppers  need  more – well , that is  how  it  seems to  be  playing  out.

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