booklist 18

August 14, 2012 at 6:30 am (Uncategorized) ()

All  the  things I’ve  done  Gabrielle Zevin    ya library book – very  good Review

Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn  Barnes ya library book  Who knew a temporary tatoo could lead to danger?

Maximum security
 Robert Muchamore ya library book 3rd book in the Cherub series — ( kid spys in england) they don’t disappoint.

Social suicide Gemma Halliday ya library book  mystery – fun  series

the 8th confession james patterson (KLB) another in the women’s murder club, much better than the last
Sister rosamund lupton ( from a friend)murder mystery told form a very unique perspective

hearts blood (KB ) bad. urban fantasy

8th grade bites #1 Heather brewer (KLB) YA – 8th grader that is half vampire learns more about who and what he is

Working stiff Annelise ryan ( KLB) murder mystery ex nurse becomes deputy corner . Interesting my tery , but I am tired of the awkward middle age woman trope.

true blood bonnie lamer ( KL) YA A girl finds out she is a mixture of witch and Fairy blood and her life is in danger. good.

A bespoke murder (homefront mystery) ( KLL)Edward Marston Shops are burned , a man is murder and a girl is raped — two detectives from Scotland yard must figure them out.

Neverwhere neil Gamin (KB) long over due reread of London Under

two debra Geary rereads
14 books for august ( a couple were in july ) – that’s what plane rides and jet lag will do for you

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