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August 31, 2012 at 12:48 pm (Uncategorized)

An  unfinished  death Laura dewey (KLB) novella . mystery . female  police  dectective  on a  bender  has a mystical  dream that leads her to solve a  murder  that no one  thought was  a murder.  Interesting,  but  harsh

Freaking Wicked 1 Brian  Poor (KF)vampire, werwolf, super  soldier ( aka frankenstien like being) , super geek – all part of  a super sercret  CIA  group  . boring until the plot kicked in – which  invovled  rescuing a  saudi arbian  prince,  pirates, a rival  CIA  group  and … dinosaurs.  Ridiculous.

Carrots Colleen Helme (K) mystery . A woman at the grocery  store  get  shot  durring a bank  robbery  at  the stor e bank.  Just  a graze,  but now – she  can read minds.  As  she is trying t  figure  out what to d  , who t  tell and how  to deal  with  this she gets invovled  with the  local  crime boss…Not  ridiculous , even though  it  sounds  that  way  on papper.   the main character is likable, not  helpless and her family isn’t portrayed as anythign other than a family.  I  have no  idea why  the novel is called carrots.

The  Squad perfect cover  Jennifer  Lynn Barnes (LB)ya  fun  review here

Going  Organic  can  kill  you Staci Mclaughlin (KLB) mystery  in a small town  on  a  new farm/spa.  it  was  fun , but I  was more interested in why  the author talked so much  about organic /whole/vegatarian  foods – yet  had most of the characters going ‘ick’   and  reaching for  the chicken  nuggets. And  the title  didn’t  fit  with  the mystery.



so  that  means 19  for  august,  104  for  the year.

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